The NXTSTAGE Pilot Competition, supported by the Talent Ecosystem Fund at the Wichita Community Foundation, is aimed at helping propel startups that have gotten off the ground, with deployable products in market, to their next stage of growth, by connecting them to mature businesses and regional partners looking to become customers for their innovations.

For the initial iteration of NXTSTAGE, the pilot competition is seeking innovations able to add immediate value to businesses and communities in three focus areas:

  1. FinTech - Banking and Financial Services
  2. Industry 4.0 - Advanced Manufacturing/Industrial IoT (Internet of Things)
  3. Community Health and Vibrancy.

NXTSTAGE will curate engagement between corporate partners and startups and end with an innovation showcase in spring, 2020. The global startups selected to present their solutions to the industry partners will earn paid trips to Wichita to meet face-to-face with decision makers and get to know the community better.

Get more information at NXTSTAGE.io. We continue to look for additional corporate partners that are committed to innovation and believe that entrepreneurs can help improve your business and the overall vibrancy of the region. ​

Benefits of Being a Program Partner:

  • Access to new disruptive technologies and business models being developed by early stage entrepreneurs.
  • Opportunities for you employees to mentor and learn alongside founders.
  • The chance to see your industry through the view of entrepreneurs bringing new solutions to market. ​

Program Partners will . . .

  • Share innovation priorities that will comprise the call for solutions
  • Commit resources to be engaged participants
  • Help evaluate submissions to the challenge
  • Collaborate with startups who come forward with promising solutions
  • Pledge to implement a pilot or larger-scale deployment of a worthy solution