In 2014, a group of experienced entrepreneurs came together with a vision to reinvigorate the entrepreneurial spirit of Wichita. They believed the foundation of this effort would be seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts mentoring and investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Thus, an organization then called e2e was launched in 2016, with the support of many passionate individuals and corporate sponsors that believed innovation and entrepreneurship will create a bright future for Wichita and the region.

In January 2020, e2e became NXTUS, continuing its vital work to support founders and their young, growing companies. With an identity reflecting its continued progress and a forward-looking vision, NXTUS serves as a nexus for entrepreneurs, investors, corporate partners, and the community at-large. NXTUS is constantly aimed at achieving the ‘next us’ – growing startups, strengthening our innovation culture and support systems, and creating a bright future for the region.

From the beginning, the organization has been a collaborative partner supporting entrepreneurship in all shapes and forms. Here are some history and program highlights:

An initial e2e Accelerator class, launched in 2016 was made up of Appointment Launch, Buddy Brands, Knoxx / Alyss Analytics, KingFit, Reverie Roasters, and Tru-Building. ​

LaunchPrep, launched in the Spring of 2017 as a partnership between the Wichita State University Center for Entrepreneurship and NXTUS, is a 90-day mentor driven accelerator program for early stage entrepreneurs.

In 2018, Accelerate Venture Partners was formed to broaden the base of angel-stage capital investment in the region. By the end of 2019, AVP had become one of the fastest-growing angel syndicates in the U.S.

In January 2020, the NXTSTAGE Pilot Competition was launched and began taking applications. NXTSTAGE is designed for startups with deployable products in market, and no equity is asked or expected. Instead, NXTSTAGE applicants get the opportunity to grow revenue by collaborating with interested customers ready to run pilot programs or larger-scale deployments of their technologies.